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Welcome to our original Backyard Pods range of flatpack building kits and extras, bathroom pod kits, and prefab buildings. Hundreds of happy customers since 2017, for 2023 we’re the most experienced at helping people with their backyard building projects! Browse our products by category and visit our main website for design examples and customer stories. Questions? We’re here to help you. Contact us or click ‘Help’ above.

Easy for DIY builders or we can help with your installation

Take a look through our flatpack building kits as your ‘blank canvas’. You can place your windows and doors (ours or any kind) in almost any position you like. Add a deck and veranda and use our handy gadgets to mount exterior lighting. You’ll find just about everything you need to save on building projects with premium-quality products. We can help with approvals where needed. You can have installation to lock-up or completion, or save heaps with DIY.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for flatpack building kits to save money on DIY building or installation by licensed tradespeople in our network. Browse our main Backyard Pods website for customer examples like DIY, owner-builder projects where people organised their own tradespeople, some completed to lock-up stage by one of our installers so that people can finish off the internals themselves, and others fully completed with approvals handled through our network. Whether you want a backyard studio, home office, guest cabin, or a completely self-contained granny flat to live in or rent out, or a primary dwelling, or a sprawling ‘pavilion house’ made from our pods joined together, we can help you.