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Internal bathroom pods are ideal when you want an extra bathroom or ensuite inside your existing home or wherever you’ve got a minimum 2.4m ceiling height and access to plumbing connections through the wall, underneath the building, or in a new slab. Internal bathroom pods are delivered ‘complete’, pre-fitted and flat-packed, ready for easy installation and connection to services (licensed trades only for plumbing and electricals). Save massively on lining, waterproofing, and tiling with pre-formed bathroom pods – perfectly waterproof and compliant when assembled according to the instructions. Add an extra bathroom; add an ensuite to your bedroom or guest room; add a powder room to your office or rumpus; add an accessible bathroom wherever needed and without making major changes to your main bathroom. Click any product below for full details, options, and prices. We can deliver bathroom pods almost ANYWHERE in Australia (charges apply). DIY or get the installation done for you. Need advice? Ask us or click ‘Help’ above.

Delivery within approx 2 weeks – completed within days!

If using an internal bathroom pod inside one of our Backyard Pods, please note that internal bathroom pods are designed to fit within a flat ceiling height of 2400mm (standard) or 2100mm (special order). Backyard Pods have internal ceilings raked from 2400mm to 2700mm approx, which means your bathroom area would have a ‘false’ flat ceiling if using an internal bathroom pod. If you prefer the higher ceiling for your bathroom inside the Backyard Pod, get the custom-fitted bathroom option instead.